Ourbrand: Skin care — Brand concept

Ourbrand: Skin care — Brand concept

12 October 2016

Why do we make purchases? If you pick up a rational response, it would sound like this: “Buying this thing, I will decide my problem.” But do we always decide rationally? The project «Ourbrand» has been created by us to prove other side – buying decision we make under the influence of emotions.

Working with packaging in the cosmetic industry is especially important to consider emotional background of the consumer. The reaction to the color and texture solutions by experienced women can be very different from the reaction of the young audience. Just focusing on the last, we made series of skin care products.

The solution was the idea of synesthetic connection between man’s feelings. Form, taste, color, aroma, all of these irritations can be combined into subconsciously understandable groups of special, distinctive range of emotions. In visual images, that we offer, geometry patterns are in common with the function of tube contents, and plastic of graphical elements captures the essence of its actions.

Brand strategy: Mikhail Ankudinov
Art-director: Ilya Tumaikin
Designer: Albina Khasanyanova
3D, retouch: Konstantin Simonov
Project manager: Ira Safina

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